Gaby Bultmann

Ancient and modern music, founded eight chamber music groups (Commedia Nova and others)

Festival Internazionale di Musica Antica e Teatro

Art in italy

Accademia Internazionale Musicale Maria Malibran

Accademia Internazionale Musicale Maria Malibran

Listenings Gaby Bultmann I

Recorder and historical harps: the duo Rent a Nightingale

Listenings Gaby Bultmann II

Meditarenean traditional music by the greek-german tropos quartett and renaissance music by panta rhei

Internationale Sommerakademie Boehlen

Workshops for music, theatre and art in Germany

Teatro del navile

Bologna (Italy)

l'autre pas

Baroque dance by Klaus Abromeit

Kulturfeste im Land Brandenburg

Concerts in churches, monasteries and castles around Berlin

Musik in der Friedenskirche Radebeul

Church near Dresden

Antonis Anissegos

Pianist and composer


Musicschool in Berlin with G. Bultmann, look Lehrer-Gabriele Bultmann

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