Commedia Nova

Project Music and Theatre
Gaby Bultmann (Berlin) – Daniele Ruzzier (Venice)

Commedia Nova is a duo established in 1999 and undertakes projects in the area of music-dance-theatre. The duo also uses historical sujet’s based on engravings by Durer or the Commedia dell’Arte as well as contemporary themes such as those found in the works of Artaud or Japanese art as a basis for musical and scenical arrangements.
Commedia Nova has performed at festivals and concerts in Germany, Italy, Greece, Norway, Poland and Lithuania.

 Estate Musicale Frentana Lanciano
 Bachtage Halle
 Festival KlangBilder Gemäldegalerie Berlin
 Istituto Italiano di Cultura Berlin
 Istituto Italiano di Cultura München (Deutscher Romanistentag)
 Festival Banchetto Musicale Vilnius (Lituania)
 Bardu Barokk (Norway)
 BEMUS international festival Belgrad (Serbia)
 Thüringische Sommerakademie
 nachHall-Festival für Avantgarde-Musik Berlin
 Festival für Alte Musik Zielona Gora (Poland)
 Etno Jazz Festival Thessaloniki (Greece)
 Museum Querini Stampaglia Venice
 Teatro del Navile Bologna
 Fränkischer Sommer – Musica Franconia
 montalbane International Festival of medieval music
 Montenegro Early Music Festival
 Cyprus Italian Ambassy (week of the italian language)

Gaby Bultmann
Studied recorder, singing, Baroque violin and harpsichord in Berlin, Amsterdam and Milan. Has initiated 6 ensembles for modern and historical as well as for traditional music and recorded several CDs of her own music. Additionally there has been participation with audio books, radio and television performances as well as sound environments for exhibitions.